Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Random Ten - Gas, Glass, Fire, Wire Edition

The Electric Mayhem Friday Random Ten, out of 296 tracks:

1. David Bowie - New Killer Star
2. Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend
3. Cocteau Twins - Wax and Wane
4. Gwar - Sick of You
5. Zap Mama - Baba Hooker
6. Kanye West - Jesus Walks
7. They Might Be Giants - Experimental Film
8. Rufus Wainwright - One Man Guy
9. The Roots - Why
10. System of a Down - Cigarro

I had CPR training for six hours today, which was okay except for a wicked head cold that made me a little woozy and lose track of the number of chest compressions a few times. There was one really cool piece of equipment that they showed us, kind of like a defibrullator for dummies. When you open it, an electronic voice calmly tells you what to do, and repeats it until you do it. Then, when both of the pads are adhered to the unconscious person's chest, it starts reading heart rhythms to see if it should initiate electric shock. It would repeat, "Analyzing rhythm. Prepare for shock. Analyzing rhythm. Prepare for shock." And the only thing I could think was, Someone should sample this voice and put it in a dance music track.

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