Sunday, July 31, 2005

The finest art in all of Edmonton

On the train on the way home from the football game last night, we went through the extremely graffitti-d area of downtown. A five-year-old kid on the train turns to his mom and says, "This is where all the good art is." "It's just graffitti," says his mother. But he looks out the window, mesmerised by the spray-painted words on the sides of the buildings. It's better than a trip to the museum.


Sylvana said...

If only people could hold on to that ability to see things from different angles instead of getting caught up in prejudice and stereotypes!

Axler said...

I remember taking the train to work when I was younger. That stretch was my favorite part of the trip.

Jago said...

My brother's favourite parts of riding the LRT back when we'd come into the city on vacation would be to see the genies.

We didn't have many Hindus in Moose Jaw. Also, Braden was four.