Monday, August 01, 2005

Full of culture - and starches

Peach and I trolled around The Heritage Festival this afternoon, braving temperatures of over 25 degrees (Celcius) and the blazing sun without sunscreen. I'm a little burned, but nothing like she is. I love Heritage Days; tents full of people from different cultures, sharing their crafts, their (sometimes) overpriced food, their music and dance, and especially their foodstuffs. I've liked the festival since the first time I went: I was eight, and that was the day I had my very first green onion cake. I have loved them ever since.

At the end of our visit, we ran into Marie and Matt, and sat in the French Café tent remeniscing about the day:
Me: Ah, Heritage Days. The one time a year you can eat crepes and drink Hawaiian smoothies.
Marie: After just having green onion cakes.
Me: And bannock.
Matt: When I worked at Fort Edmonton Park, the ladies would make bannock first thing in the morning.
Me: Bannock - Breakfast of Champions. It should be a cereal!
All: Mmm!
Me: And you could have a bowl full of little bannocks.
Matt: That's what you could call it: Bannix.
Me: The 'X' makes it hip.
Peach: "New Sugar-Frosted Bannix!"
Matt: And Apple-Cinnamon flavour!
Peach: Now with pemmican!

We're naturally silly, yes, but I think the heatstroke helped with that.


Shannon said...

Heatstroke in 25 degrees Celcius?!?

I already wear sweaters at 30 degrees C!

the Worst Ninja Ever said...

Ah yes, the annual "Meat on a Stick" Festival. I couldn't make it out this year, but I had a lot of fun last year. Perhaps next year I won't involve myself in quite so many activities that culminate in August.