Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Random Ten - "NO MORE SOCCER!" Edition

After a one week hiatus, the Electric Mayhem Random Ten, out of 329 tracks:

1. Pedro The Lion - Transcontinental
2. Interpol - NYC
3. Liam Lynch - Fake Talking Heads Song
4. Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights
5. Death Cab For Cutie - All Is Full Of Love
6. Postal Service - Against All Odds
7. Pavement - Trigger Cut
8. Gwar - Sick of You
9. Reel Big Fish - Where Have You Been?
10. Feist - Gatekeeper

(Wow, for a while there it looked like the parody / cover songs were about to take over my playlist. Also: what happened to my Soul/R&B? I guess random really means random.)

Not a lot of interesting things have happened to me on my summer vacation so far, which is kind of disappointing. But frankly, with Peach gone and my income spread thin, my options for this month are fairly limited.

Needing a change of pace though, I got together with Scott and Jago last night and we watched Kung-Fu Hustle. I was, quite frankly, blown away. It's not a strong movie in the sense that it has good character development or a good script, but it's still powerful. It's the kind of movie that is better compared to an amusement park ride than to other movies - you strap yourself in and just hang on. Some parts dragged, but the fight scenes - two that were actually directed by action movie guru Sammo Hung, and not Stephen Chow - were outstanding. There was also a surprising depth to the acting, for performers who were sometimes little more than live action animated characters. I'd recommend it, but I really think I need to watch it again to get the full impact.


Jago said...

I just love how numbers 4, 5, and 6 on the list are all written by the same guy...

Jago said...

Sorry, I should say, "connected."