Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Shameless Self-Promotion, Vol. 1

(Begin transmission.)

In the interest of...well, in the interest of self-interest, I guess, I thought that I would put up the tentative Apocalypse Kow performance schedule for this year's Fringe A-Go-Go. All those people who will be in Edmonton during the Fringe and know me are strongly encouraged to attend. Times may change, disappear, or appear with short notice, so the discerning a cappella fan would be wise to check this schedule the day before they are planning to attend, as I will be updating as soon as I hear about any changes.

Friday, August 19 - 9:40 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)
Saturday, August 20 - 4:00 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)
Sunday, August 21 - 2:25 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)
Sunday, August 21 - 7:40 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)
Tuesday, August 23 - 6:25 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)
Tuesday, August 23 - 10:15 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)
Wednesday, August 24 - 9:20 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)
Thursday, August 25 - 3:15 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)
Thursday, August 25 - 6:40 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)
Friday, August 26 - 7:30 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)
Saturday, August 27 - 3:15 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)
Sunday, August 28 - 1:50 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)

But wait! There's more. Since not all the members of Apocalypse Kow were able to make all of our shows, the remaining three (Jago, Ninja, and myself) have combined forces with local improvisation dynamos The Wombats to form The Apocalypse Kow / Wombat Improv Extravaganza (show title subject to change) for four shows. Dates and times for those times are:

Friday, August 19 - 3:10 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)
Saturday, August 20 - 12:30 PM (TransAlta Power Stage)
Monday, August 22 - 12:25 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)
Friday, August 26 - 12:25 PM (Journal Outdoor Stage)

Edit: Switched around a couple of the dates.

(Self-promotion terminated. End transmission.)


Nezbitt said...

Excellent! Thanks for the schedule!
I still think that the Fringe should publish the outdoor stage schedule in the program and save us the hassle of travelling to each stage to see who's doing what and where.

Anonymous said...

Hey, aren't you that guy from Apocalypse Kow?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I am, indubidably.

Jago said...

Joel, you're fired.

Jago said...

And, Nez, when we're getting different shows as quickly as the day before? It's not possible for an outdoor show to have concrete dates a month before Fringe.