Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ibrahim Ferrer: 1927-2005

Later today, I will post about the joys of sod-setting. Right now, however, I am going to do a mini-obituary. One of my all-time favourite singers, Ibrahim Ferrer, died yesterday at the age of 78. Like most people, I first heard about him in 1997 when the Buena Vista Social Club album was released; I listened to it all the time that summer, and I never got tired of his expressive, magical voice. In the documentary of the same title, the scenes that featured Ferrer were always my favourites. I remember when they filmed him walking through New York City at night, a place he had never before visited; I couldn't help but smile at his excitement and almost child-like happiness as he wandered the streets, taking pictures and smiling at strangers. It was easy to take comfort that this man, even in his 70s, could look at something new and wonderful and be excited just to try something new. It was a major life lesson for me, and I will miss the man who taught it to me.

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