Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A cute little story

On Labour Day, the Peach and I went to Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site Provincial Park on a day trip; it was the only free day we both had where I could borrow my folks' car and go anywhere. The trip was a lot of fun; on the way down, I had a minor panic attack about the gas prices ("$35 to put half a tank of gas in?!?"), and we had the stereo blasting with old mix tapes I had made her over the course of our courtship ("I put NoMeansNo and Strung Out on your tape? I didn't know you at all, did I?").

We arrived just as the site opened; we wandered through the five-minute display of the old forts, and went on the 3.2 km hike through the woods, alongside the North Saskatchewan River, looking at local plantlife and being amused by a french couple who, for the limited amount of time we saw them, spent most of their time trying to get as far away from each other as possible. At the halfway mark, we went out to the river and sat on a big rock, eating our trail mix and carrots, and appreciating the cool breeze and clear skies.

At this point, I pull out my presents. A few things she needs to go back for her last year in Education, and as is my custom, two Mr. Men books. I usually try and get a Mr. book that represents me, and a Little Miss book that represents Peach; this time it was Mr. Sneeze (hooray for hay fever!) and Little Miss Stubborn (I love her, but she really is). I took out my pen and wrote my personalizations, and on the Mr. Sneeze one, I wrote:

To Peach, Will you marry me?
All my love, Doc.

And, since I couldn't jump off the rock and kneel on the gravel and mud, I just held the open box with the ring on it out to her, and tried to not fall off the rock.

It's not the most romantick-y story, but people tell me it's cute.


Nezbitt said...

Well, I liked it!



*Jumping up and down*

Gina Stewart said...



I spent lot of time trying to get myself and a canoe out of the river in that general area.

Anonymous said...

BAH! Wha??? WHO???

My excitment! EEEEEE!!! (this is more of a response for Jen, so make sure you pass this on in the most Jo like voice you can do, but do take the excitment in for yourself)

Jago said...

Notice that Dev never actually said if she said "Yes."

And now you know...the REST of the story.

I keed, I keed, they're engaged...

Gray's Matter said...

Devin, my friend, this is awesome!!!
More topics to blog about (that is, of course, *not* why it is awesome, it is just awesome that you're gettin' hitched.)

Congrats, buddy!! Maybe I'll see you before your wedding. ;)

Gray's Matter said...

Devin, your blog does not have trackbacks. So my commentary on your wedding and your person are located here:

The Doc - Single No More

Shannon said...

Assuming she said "yes," congratulations!

Silly Dan said...


the Worst Ninja Ever said...

He didn't use their real names, either. He actually wrote "Peach" and "Doc." :p

Axler said...

HooYay for Mr. Sneeze and Little Miss Stubborn!

Jeans said...

Awwwwwww! That's so sweet.


The Doc said...

Wow, thanks everyone for your congratulations. A few brief words of recognition follow:

Nez: you didn't have food in your mouth this time, did you?

Gina: I spend one terrible/awful weekend canoeing around there as well. It was an experience I shall not soon forget.

Jo: I sent you an e-mail about it! I swear! You just went here first!

Jago: You know, technically she didn't say yes until I prompted some kind of reply; it was a long, scary silence.

Justice: Yeah, right! (Also: wow, that's a tribute and a half.)

Shannon: despite Jago's implications, yes she did, and thanks.

Dan: Thanks!

Ninja: Well, I try not to use her real name on the internet, and I figured I'd stick with the convention.

Axler: Thanks, Mr. Hate-y!

Jeans: Thanks! I try to be sweet as often as possible, if slightly off the beaten path.

ORF said...

Man, I don't come around for a few days and you go and get all engaged!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Also, I have to confess to feeling elation for a complete and total stranger!!

But seriously, the Mr.Men book part of the story IS really sweet.