Sunday, October 23, 2005

More bad TV writing

I'm a sucker for Smallville; it's not very good, but it's (vaguely) about Superman, and it's a good distraction when I'm washing the dishes. The most recent episode, Aqua, featured a character named Arthur Curry, who wore a vaguely distinctive outfit of green shorts and an orange top, just like a certain under-rated superhero. At the end of the episode, the two have the following exchange:

A.C.: Maybe we should start up a Junior Lifeguard Association or something?
Clark: I don't think I'm ready for the JLA just yet.


Edit: apparently, I'm not the only one who made that observation, but at least Mike came up with something creative instead of just sniping like I did.


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Jaimie said...

Devin - I made a rare post to my blog about this episode, too. My favourite line was "Wet and ready, Bro!"

ORF said...

Clearly, you do not watch "Entourage" in Canada! Because the season ended with Vince (the main character played by Adrian Grenier) set to star as Aquaman the main character in a movie by the same title directed by James Cameron (played by James Cameron). Somebody's givin' you some love, my comicbook-fiending friend.

Mr Furious said...

Go to this site if you like to mix your love of Aqua Man with online hilarity.