Thursday, December 29, 2005

Besides, who doesn't like generic Mac & Cheese?

Has it ever been a holiday season. With no classes, I found enough free time to put on a show, go to grad and four other Christmas parties, have 2 separate present-opening and turkey dinner extravaganzas, and spend over $100 in gift certificates (hooray for lamps and compact discs). A number of times this past week, I've reflected on just how fortunate I am, even if sometimes I'm scrambling to get enough money to buy the generic Kraft Dinner and sale-priced grapefruits.

And we still have to get our 16 bags of food to the Food Bank. Jago and I will likely go drop them off on Saturday. The charity show that Kow did last Saturday does give me a little bit of pride, but it's more than just the "oh, aren't we good guys, we have helped out those who are in need" feeling. We raised money for charity and got food for the Food Bank, with just one show (and the hours of stress beforehand): it wasn't hundreds of thousands of dollars (it wasn't even thousands), but we contributed. I just wish we could do it more often. So I've made myself a promise that every time I go to Safeway and get some groceries, I'm going to buy one of those Food Bank packages they have, either for five, ten, or twenty dollars (depending on how the cash flows that week). It too, like the Kabaret, isn't really enough, but if I've realized that if you just focus on how little the things you
could do would actually help, then you end up not doing anything.

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Sylvana said...

That food bank weekly thing is a great idea. I always buy a few bags of groceries for the local food bank at Xmas, but I think that they would appreciate a more spread out steady contribution.