Friday, December 02, 2005

The Doc's Personal Failings, #312: Politics

I try not to be too political here on this lil’ blog. And it’s not because I am afraid of offending anyone, or because I find politics boring and unworthy of my attention, it’s because…well, I’ve noticed recently that I know almost nothing about Canadian politics any more. I woke up Tuesday morning and saw the newspaper headlines: “Government Collapses!”, “Canada Heads For January Election”, “Oilers Play Bingo With SunShine Girl!!” (okay, that last one was just a dig at the Edmonton Sun). And the first thing I thought was “Why the hell didn’t I know about this before?” I used to be all up on my politics, making my opinions known and slamming my opponents with the best of them. Now, I’m just floating along, not really knowing what’s going on with the government, the kind of lazy thinker that the Me of not even five years ago would be ashamed of. I’m doing my best to keep more informed, stay on top of things, and by doing so be a better citizen.

On a related topic, I must say that I felt affirmed when the collapse of our government was the top story on The Daily Show that evening. I mean, sure, we might get coverage on stations like CNN or FOX News (I don’t actually know if we did, but it’s likely they gave us at least 10 minutes out of 24 hours), but for a 22-minute program like The Daily Show to devote that much time to Canada? That makes me feel pretty damn good. (If there was only a link to it online, I'd feel even better.)


Silly Dan said...

A link there is! It's in here somewhere. If I screwed up the link, check the archives.

Jeans said...

Jon: Say it Sam! Come on! Say it!

Sam. B.:Eh.

Jon: Yay!!!

The Doc said...

Thanks for the link, Dan! I don't know what the article was talking about when they said that "most election-weary Canadians are not finding [the story] very funny." Ridiculous! We can laugh at ourselves with the best of 'em, I always say.

Jeans: As much as I groaned when they did that, the exasperation on Samantha Bee's face was perfect.