Friday, December 02, 2005

Free Musics Friday 2!

Aside from the Apparat Programme 8, that comes via the esteemable Warren Ellis, I thought I'd try something new, and suggest a couple of tracks from this week's newsletter that I really enjoyed. I don't know if they'll be music that anyone out there will like, but it's worth a shot: every time I tell someone about a new band and they end up liking them, I feel like I've done a public service. So, the songs that really grabbed me this week were:

Cat Power - The Greatest
Chan Marshall has a quality voice, sometimes sweet and sometimes haunting. This is an excellent track to pick up if you've never tried Cat Power before, and even better if you have. (Folk)

Ladrao - Ijex?
It's an interesting mix of Latin music and electrobeats, with angry-sounding Portuguese rhymes busted at breakneck speed. A good ear-opener. (World Beat)

Sound Providers - 5 Minutes (feat. The Procussions)
Smooth, mellow rap song with jazzy samples. The 30s-era jazz guitar loop on this song really hooked me on this one. Most highly reccommended. (Hip-Hop)

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