Friday, December 09, 2005

Free Musics Friday 3

This Free Musics Friday is brought to you as always by The Apparat Programme 9 from Warren Ellis Dot Com: bringing you free strange music since...October. Now as I am extremely lazy, let's see what goodness I can cherry-pick from the newsletter.

The Black Angels - Black Grease
Black music that comes from the black hearts of five rather skilled musicians. Blackety-black-black-black. Note: this song is not particularly black. (Indie Rock)

Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands
Oh yes, I love me some DFA1979. Ninja, Jago: here you can truly hear the goodness, and find out why they are my third-favourite bass-guitar-and-drums duo of all time. (Rock)

Sharpshooters - Japanese Mathematics
Not your son and daughter's hip-hop. It's some pretty nice stuff, good as jazzy background music or as studying beats. (Instrumental Hip-Hop)

Shemeika Copeland - Breakin' Out
I've heard this name bandied about, but I've never actually listened to a Shemekia Copeland tune. The woman's got a good voice for the blues, and the backing musicians on this track are tight. (Blues)

Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys - "git"
Some nice samples, falsetto backup vocals, and a good build: a very head-nodding tune indeed. (Dance / Pop)

Questions? Comments? Free music suggestions of your own? You know where the door is, people.

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