Sunday, December 11, 2005

Obit: Richard Pryor (1940-2005)

Richard Pryor, 1940-2005

I would be lying if I said that Richard Pryor influenced me when I was young; I didn't really get into him until the end of my teenage years. But when I did hear him, Pryor hooked me. The man was a classic Tortured Artist, and I think his pain just made his work even better. I'm not sad about his death, as I'm glad his struggle with MS is over, but I am going to take some time out this evening to remember him the best way I know how: putting on one of his albums.


Sylvana said...

I can believe that this is the first that I have heard of this. I have been watching the news for the last five days at least and didn't hear anything about it!

I also am glad that he has been set free. I think I first saw him in Stir Crazy. Great movie.

Shannon said...

I heard it on NPR. I was hoping Comedy Central would have a tribute or something, but I've been too busy to watch TV. I'm with you, though, time to dust off the records.