Friday, January 20, 2006

Diagnosis: Election Fever

Of course, since it's Canada, the temperature's only slightly elevated (and in Celsius). Still, it's gripping quite a few people, it seems. I was watching Newsworld and found out that advance voting numbers were up 25% since 2004. It's pretty obvious that the Conservatives are going to be the ruling party, which is kind of a drag for a left-leaning guy like me, but it's still up in the air whether or not it's going to be a majority government or another nigh-usesless minority government. Early polls indicate minority, it seems, which could make for interesting bedfellows. I mean, with the Liberal minority, there was a strange balance of power, with the NDP having a disproportionate amount of it. They basically allowed the Liberals to pass whichever bills the NDP agreed with, since the Conservatives were going to vote against the Liberals no matter what. With a Conservative minority, it's unlikely that the NDP or Liberals would be willing to vote with them unless they leaned a little more left, which seems rather unlikely, and how willing is Stephen Harper to work with the Bloc? Oh, what an interesting night Monday will be.

It reminds me of the conversation we had at practice on Monday:

Jago: So, do I get a vote?
Barber: Of course you do!
Astro: You get to vote just like everyone else.
Doc: Yeah, you vote either yes, no, or NDP.
Jago: I vote NDP!
Ninja: Me too!
Doc: So we have to hire Jack Layton as the 6th Kow?
Ninja: No, Linda Duncan (our riding's representative). Jack Layton can't sing.

Ah, the NDP: the other-est choice. I really don't like the idea of Harper as my Prime Minister, but I do think that the government needs a shake-up, and the fact that they're stooping to political attack ads like these is a clear sign that they've already lost.
The're all bad, but the last one's the worst. Things like that just make me hang my head in shame.

Edit: wow, my least favourite ad was featured on the Daily Show last night. That's terrifying and entertaining.


Jeans said...

Oh, I'm so glad you watched the Daily Show Last Night. I was so surprised that there was so much Canadian content. It was brilliant!


Silly Dan said...

Turnout at advance polls has been steadily going up, while overall numbers seem to be decreasing. I wonder if this is because even well-informed people are just annoyed with politics over all and just want to get things over with, so they can do their civic duty and go through the most heated part of the campaign with their fingers in their ears singing "la la la I can't hear you because I voted already!"

That's why I voted early, anyway.

Oh well. Go Other!

Jeans said...

Dan, That's what I did! Hooray for advance voting. No crowds, no muss, no fuss.