Monday, January 16, 2006

Fueling my passion for redheads in skintight outfits

Am currently in the middle of the fourth round of re-writes on my thesis proposal, but I had to crawl out of the exile of my underground dungeon to announce to you, my internet friends, that if you haven't already heard by now, Batgirl has taken over the LiveJournal community. The infection spawned from one journal entry, then there were two more, and now there are now easily over seven hundred of them. LiveJournal has been overrun by Batwomen and Batgirls of all shapes and sizes. I've been checking them out for the past few days, and if you have the time and inclination, you should feel free to examine them too. There are more talented people out there than I could possibly have imagined, and I am jealous of their drawing skills. (Plus, I used to visit a message board that the the two guys who ended up starting the whole thing also used to frequent, and am really impressed by the movement they seem to have caused.)

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Anonymous said...

That's freaking awesome! A newspaper in Switzerland... now THAT'S world-famous...
~Annie (hey, I like nicknames too).