Friday, July 07, 2006

A Conversation With The Peach

Her: (matter-of-factly) So, we have Brazilian-Australian underwear models coming to live with us for a few days during Fringe.
Me: (confused) What?
Her: Richard's two friends are underwear models. They grew up in Brazil and now they live in Australia. They're coming up in August, and they'll be staying at my place. Apparently, they're really nice guys.
Me: (blocking out my jealousy with humour)
Hah-ha, I guess you're going to be staying here for those few days, huh?
Her: (oblivious) Yeah, probably. Steph's told all her single friends about them, and they'll be over all the time, flirting and being loud.
Me: Oh. Good then.


Justice~! said...

I think it's startlingly obvious that if you're looking to fix this problem, you *also* need to show up there...but in your Batman thong.
"HEY LADIES!! It's not those Brazilians who can be successful underwear models"

Justice~! said...

Not *just* those Brazilians, I mean.

Jago said...

Until you revealed that they were guys, I was thinking "So, what's the problem?"

Jago would be hanging out at Casa Peach a lot more frequently during Fringe if that was the case.

But guys? Okay. No thanks.

Shannon said...

Congrats to Peach...I mean, it's horrible she'll be surrounded by Brazilian male underwear models.

Maybe they'll be gay?

Mrs. Loquacious said...

You know, Brazilian *female* models are often gorgeous, but maybe the male ones are effeminate looking?! Plus, an ugly face on the models would more than cancel out 6-pack-abs hotness.

Besides, Peach + you + Fringe = potential romantic weekend of *love.* I say, make it a weekend to remember ;)

Jago said...

Thanks, Helen. I like in the room above him.

Looks like I'm moving into Stan's room!

The Doc said...

Justice, if I did that, then I'd be causing an international incident. Namely, me being beat up by girls in front of Brazilian-Australians.

Shannon, hey, I know I'm no underwear model, but I also know she's my lady and that's that. I just wanted to minimize the ogling, is all.

Mrs. L, nice idea, but considering how busy I'm going to be during Fringe, I'd settle for a romantic day. And this also brings us to...

Jago, you could always move into the spare room...KIDDING!

Jago said...

"You could always move into the spare room."


Justice~! said...

"Come and knock on our door...we'll be waiting for you..."