Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Little Video Game

My Peach is all excited because she's planning on using some of her recent monetary gains to buy a Gamecube. She doesn't care that it's the least versatile of all the systems; she just knows she loves the original Animal Crossing, and if that's the only system that plays it, then that's the system for her. I told her about Nintendo's upcoming Wii, which made her happy because then it was likely that the Gamecube would go down in price. After doing a little personal research, however, I have now made it my mission to convince her to get a Wii. Because it is one of the very few systems that will play this video game. (Go click on it. I'll wait.)

CAN YOU HANDLE IT? BOB ROSS, VIDEO-GAME STYLE! Or, as the Ninja said earlier, "Can you handle it?... That's right, Bob Ross... Video-game style... Happy tree..." I mean, sure you could just get the Do-It-Yourself series and some hardware, but come ON! It's a Joy of Painting VIDEO GAME. I swear, the combination of those two things boggles my mind.

(One of these days I'm going to have to seriously examine why I love Bob Ross so much. Some people think I'm weird.)


cnx said...

You should get a WII anyways. It's backwards compatible with ALL GCN games and controllers. Why buy a Cube alone when the WII plays everything the Cube does?


Jago said...

True enough. The Wii will be compatible with the GC, and you KNOW they'll be bringing out an AC for the Wii in the next few years.

Also, there's the DS with the new AC: Wild World, which I think has a few more activities. Apparently, the Bob Ross game might be developed for the DS as well.

Axler said...

We all have a special place for Bob Ross. Animal Crossing too! I'm buying it for my DS lite. Now the owl can identify your fossils! You dont need to send them off anymore!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I think we're getting the Wii. I'm with Peach tho - the Cube is probably my favourite non-portable system.