Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Edmontonians Assemble!

So I got an e-mail the other day from someone who's planning on visiting Edmonton in October to watch an Oilers game, and they asked me if I could give them any travel tips. They're looking for things to see, places to go, and stuff to do. I can think of a few things myself, but as I know that my friends have a wide variety of tastes and interests I thought I'd put this question out to my own corner of the blogosphere. Where would you suggest people visit in Edmonton? The obvious tourist spots are okay, but I'm really interested in the more "off-the-beaten-path" ideas. Leave your suggestions in the comments.


Silly Dan said...

You know, I just blogged about that a couple of weeks ago, in response to an acquaintance complaining that Edmonton was really boring. The only thing I could think of to rebut this was that the summer festival season is a much better time to visit than, say, early April, when no major cultural events are planned and the river valley parks are still too slushy to hike through. The parks would be fine in October, though, even if a lot of the facilities would be closed.

A friend of mine who's visited Edmonton a few times on business claims that the Hardware Grill is the best restaurant in Canada, but this may be more of the hyperbole for which he is famous.

If I were visiting Edmonton again as a tourist, rather than someone briefly catching up with friends and family before zooming off somewhere else, I'd like to see what's changed at the Provincial Museum and the recently renamed Odyssium. I'd also be curious about the Edmonton Art Gallery and the Muttart Conservatory, since I never visited them once when I lived there.

Mack D. Male said...

What trip would be complete without a stop at the West Edmonton Mall!

- John Janzen Nature Centre
- Art Gallery
- Muttart Conservatory
- Oilers Hockey Games! (oh they already figured that one out)
- something at the Winspear or Citadel

In October:

- Scarecrow Festival
- An Eskimos Game?
- Edmonton Woman's Show
- Fall Gallery Walk (
- Edmonton International Film Festival (first week of October)
- Thanksgiving Festival at the Devonian Botanic Garden
- Edmonton Ski & Snowboard Show

And I'm sure there's much more! My Grandma likes to say that "only boring people get bored".

Mike said...

Having never been to Edmonton (nor anywhere in Western Canada save for Vancouver) let me begin by saying I know nothing about your fair city.

But, as a representative of the "Guys Who Know Jack About Edmonton Proper, But Know About The Oilers," I think a guided tour of Oiler past is the way to go.

Like, for instance:

1. Place where Mess bagged his first hockey groupie.

2. Plcae where Ken "The Rat" Linseman had his first bar fight after joining the Oilers.

3. The apartment where Mike Krushelniski lived. JUst so you can say "Krushelniski" once every tour.

You get the idea. Make it happen.

Blue said...

Also, in September-October there are several places nearby that have "Corn Maizes". Having just offered this bit of advice, I can't actually THINK of one right now, but, uh... yeah. Very cool!

the Worst Ninja Ever said...

Doc, we passed by one of them "corn maizes" on our way to the Barbers' folks' place. Heck, I'd wanna go to one of them.

And what about some of the fun geek places you go to? Some of those are non-geek-friendly.

Silly Dan said...

Hahahaha. Corn "maize"s. Ha.

I wonder if there's anything to do at Elk Island National Park in October?

As far as the big mall goes, I've always been completely mystified by its reputation as a world-class tourist attraction. It's a standard mall just like every other North American city has, only bigger and with an amusement park and ice rink.

Nezbitt said...

... and a pirate ship and a waterpark and a hotel and a casino and a bingo hall and more McDonald's than neighbouring cities (Whole cities!)...

Mrs. Loquacious said...

If I was visiting E-town, I would do the following:

-Valley Zoo: visit the animals
-Fort Edmonton: visit the animal skins
-Royal Alberta Museum: I was just there a few weeks ago and it's nice to visit once every 5 years or so! ;)
-Walk down the river valley during the day, and when all the leaves are changing colours
-Have a picnic at one of the parks in the river valley
-Catch an IMAX flick at the Odyssium or W.E.M.
-Shop the outlet stores in South Common & Mayfield Common
-Go to the Winspear and watch something fabulous
-Hang out on Whyte Ave.
-Take a drive through Old Glenora or some other area of town where the houses are huge and old and pretty
-Hang out at the U of A and pretend to be a student; eat lunch at the Power Plant
-Shop 124 St.
-Go to Hawrelak Park, claim a fire pit, and roast marshmallows & hot dogs in the evening (bringing many blankets to keep warm under)

I'm sure there are tons of other fun things to do but these were some that came to mind immediately. =)