Monday, August 28, 2006

Fringe Check-In, Part Three

Wow, the last weekend of Fringe was CRAZY. So many good times. I think the highlight of the entire Fringe was Saturday afternoon, when just at the end of our set, a WEDDING PARTY showed up. Apparently, one of The Ninja's work friends said he was going to drop by, on his wedding day no less, and he gave us a wave at the side of the stage. Now, we at Apocalypse Kow are savvy showmen and hopeless romantics, so when this opportunity presented itself to us, we knew exactly what to do. We changed the next song in our set to be "At Last" and proceeded to sing it while the newly marrieds danced at the side of the stage. There were people tearing up in the audience, folks, and I probably would have, too, if I didn't have my eyes closed. Damn sun...

That night, we pulled off what I think was probably the best set of the Fringe. I'm always of the opinion that late night shows are good for Kow, as we're able to play with the audience a little more, and let a little more craziness out. I mean, early afternoon shows are okay, but you can't really break out pelvic gyrations in front of a bunch of preschoolers. (Although The Ninja sure tries.) Our crowd was super-live, and we even had hecklers! After an entire week without hecklers, I was at a loss for what to do, but after simply drawing attention to them ("Wow, we don't normally have this many hecklers at our show!" Cue audience laughter) we were ON FIRE. Great patter, good blend, and a very appreciative crowd. Like I said earlier, our best show of the Fringe.

Afterwards, I went out to the Beer Gardens with Jago, Ninja, Joel, Morgoid, Nez, and ran into a few theater people I hadn't seen in a while, which was really good. (Ninja and I also wanted to say "Hello" to Nathan Fillion, but he was having a conversation so we let him be. We're nerdy fanboys, but not DESPERATE nerdy fanboys.) Being broke severely limited my Fringing this year, but next year I should be all up ins, as they say. Beer gardening, play-watching, fire-juggling (okay, probably not that last bit): The Doc will make Fringe 26 his own.


SarahJanet said...

Karen, Kristy, Paul and I totally said hello. And took a picture with him. Dorks! We're dorks!
(It was totally worth it.)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Oh, how I wish I could've seen the newlyweds dancing to your song. Hopefully someone caught it on video. That was a very romantic and versatile gesture, Doc! And I probably would've been wiping tears, too!