Friday, January 12, 2007

The Closest I'll Ever Get To The Met

Wednesday, Peach and I went to the Winspear and saw the E.S.O. with Nez & Scotty. Thursday, I went with Scotty & Morgoid to movies, to see an advanced screening of Pan's Labyrinth, which was amazing and something I hope to rave about in a little more detail when I have some time to sit & mull it over more. And tomorrow, I'm going to the opera. In a manner of speaking.

Basically, South Common is showing operas live from the Met in New York City, and there's a World Premiere of Tan Dun's new opera - directed by Zhang Yimou! - that I'm really excited to go see tomorrow morning. Simulcasting the opera is an interesting move for the theaters, in the same line as broadcasting WWE Pay-Per-Views and NHL Games,. I think it's the company seeing how they can diversify, considering how much box office has dropped for feature films lately. I'm definitely going, and I have no problem going by myself, but if anyone's interested, the show's at 11:30 a.m. Let me know if you're interested in going and/or would need a ride (ride only offered for people in the Edmonton area).


Xeryfyn said...

Darn caveat!

Natalie said...

one time I went to the met. It was for suzanna, a opera about hicks based on some take that was relevant to a history class I took in college. It sucked. The met itself was cool though. There are TV screens on the back of the chairs so you can understand what is being said. NICE