Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Strange Way To Show Your Appreciation

Walking home from the potluck last weekend, I cut across the Strathcona High School sports field on my way back to our apartment. A group of college-aged men were walking up the sidewalk on the other side of the street. They suddenly stopped by a nice house on the corner and started talking about how nice a house it was. One of the guys was particularly taken by the patio. "Man, that's a nice patio," he said. "Can you imagine, coming home every day, sitting out there, having a couple of beers?" The rest of his friends nodded in agreement.

As I crossed the street, I looked back at the men, who were still standing by the house and extolling its virtues. And then I saw that the reason that they had stopped in the first place was because two of them were pissing on the fence.


Mrs. Loquacious said...

Dirty. I hope that wasn't *your* old house that they were peeing at. I very much wish people would develop some manners, but with the boom these days I think our city is drawing far too many impolite people and not enough educated, respectful ones. :S

Fiona said...

Last week NinjaStolz and I were walking home and as we passed a house, some guy came tearing out of it and around the corner of the place. My first thought was that we were going to get mugged, so I was watching him. Lo and behold, he was just taking a piss at the side of the place. As he ran back into the house, he noticed us looking at him and said "Toilet's broken. Sorry!"

There's manners for ya!

Anonymous said...

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The Doc said...

Mrs. L, no it wasn't my old place. Nobody would be that complimentary to that house.

Fiona, that's...that's astounding. But at least he apologized. That's...something.

Dan said...

A while back, I was going to get a pop from the vending machine outside my local grocery store. A guy standing outside told me that the machine was broken. After I thanked him and left, I realized he was peeing against the wall of the store.

So, it's not just Edmonton.