Friday, September 21, 2007

Spring and Summer MegaPlaylist

Much to The Peach's chagrin, yesterday was the autumnal equinox, the first day of fall for those not up on their astronomy. The days of summer bar-be-ques, shorts, and suntan lotion will soon be just a memory, or for some people, the only thing keeping them going through the wintry nights. But for me, memories keep better when they have a soundtrack. So I decided to make a list some of the best songs I heard from the albums I got this past spring/summer. I didn't include every album I got, because some were standup comedy and might have broken the flow (like Patton Oswalt, whom I love), some of them had multiple album entries on the list (like They Might Be Giants), and some of them weren't very good albums (like, god help me, Bjork). I would have made it in a playlist form but I'm not that technically proficient, so you just get a list. Some of the albums are over thirty years old, some of them came out in the past six months. Many were downloaded from eMusic, but some were actual purchases of physical albums. The only thing that connects them are the fact that I obtained them from December 21 to September 21.

I've also decided that if there's any interest I could make an album of these songs available to the people who amass a certain number of Geek Points, say, ten or twelve. Or if you REALLY want one but don't think you could ever get enough points, we could always come up with another solution that's geek-related. Sure, you could always download them and make a playlist or something, but you'd miss out on the personally designed and shoddily constructed album covers! And you wouldn't want to deny yourselves that, would you?

The Doc’s Music: The Spring/Summer Singles Collection
A Weekend In The City (Bloc Party) - Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
Atlantis (k-os) - Fly Paper
Gang Of Losers (The Dears) - Ticket To Immortality
Greetings From Michigan (Sufjan Stevens) - For The Widows In Paradise; For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti
Orphans (Tom Waits) - Bottom Of The World
69 Love Songs (The Magnetic Fields) - Papa Was A Rodeo
Operation: DOOMsday! (MF Doom) - Rhymes Like Dimes Featuring Cucumber Slice
The Life Pursuit (Belle & Sebastian) - Sukie In The Graveyard
Ys (Joanna Newsom) - Emily
Streethawk (Destroyer) - Virgin With A Memory
Shake The Sheets (Ted Leo + Pharmacists) - Heart Problems
At War With The Mystics (The Flaming Lips) - It Overtakes Me
Eye To The Telescope (KT Tunstall) - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
Scissor Sisters (Scissor Sisters) - Comfortably Numb
All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt (NoMeansNo) - The Hawk Kills The Punk
Resurrection (Common) - I Used To Love H.E.R
Neon Bible (Arcade Fire) - My Body Is A Cage
Little Minds (Count Zero) - Sail Your Ship By
Memory Almost Full (Paul McCartney) - Dance Tonight
(Grinderman) - Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)
Traveling Wilburys (Traveling Wilburys) - Handle With Care
Essential John Denver - Thank God I'm a Country Boy
Donuts (Jay Dee) - Lightworks
Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold (From The God, the Bad and the Ugly)
In Our Bedroom After The War (Stars) - Personal
The Spine (They Might Be Giants) - Wearing A Raincoat
Team Boo (Mates of State) - Gotta Get A Problem
Thrills (Ellen Allien) - Cloudy City
Maggot Brain (Funkadelic) - Super Stupid (not the best song from the album - that would be the title track - but works much better as a single)
Kala (M.I.A.) - 20 Dollar
New Maps of Hell (Bad Religion) - Murder
Ratatat (Ratatat) - Germany to Germany

The order is not 100% set in stone, I may have to play around with it a little. But that's a sample from my musical smorgasbord so far this year. Comments and questions are welcome. And since I haven't made any semi-obscure references in a while, I'll end off with this. A few of us geeks went to Happy Harbor Comics on Friday to play in a HeroClix tournament, something that will likely be repeated over the next few weeks (as long as we bring scented candles or something, because there was the very ripe smell of unwashed nerd wafting around). The store owner, Jay and I, came up with a theme song for Aquaman, who's figure was the participation prize at the tournament. Sung to the theme of Spider-Man, it went like this:

Aquaman, Aquaman / Does whatever an aqua can
See him sit / In a glass
Watch his fish / As they pass
Hey there / There goes the Aquaman

For two geek points, write me a second verse to this song. (And for an extra two, you can throw on a bridge.) My favourite verse will get one additional geek point. It's the competition anyone can win!


Justice~! said...

Your Aquaman theme song is INCREDIBLE. I am inspired to try and come up with a second verse to it, because I have the feeling this will be your ticket to everlasting FAME!

Natalie said...

What a great playlist. I love writing songs and I might just have to try one out. Sadly, I don't know too much about Aquaman but I might be able to pull something from the depths.

On another note how sad was it that Volta was no good. I wanted to cry.

Natalie said...

I've got it!!

He can talk/ with his mind
But only to/ The fishy kind
He has strength/ swims real fast
But everyone/ can kick his ass
Hey There! There goes the Aquaman

The sovereign of the sea
In Atlantis he stays
But an hour up top
and he'll waste right away!

The Doc said...

Justice, if the Aquaman song makes me famous, I will buy you a lifetime supply of grilled cheese sandwiches. Of course, you and I may have different ideas of what "famous" entails...

Natalie, Volta was the biggest disappointment of 2007. So sad. And as for your song, I enjoyed it, and the fact that you know nothing about Aquaman makes your efforts even better. Anyone else have anything? Perhaps a pro-Aquaman verse?

Fiona said...

Well, from what little information I've managed to scrape together through the Beards of Justice, as well as the excellent Robot Chicken episode we watched last week, I'm not sure there is such a thing as being "pro-Aquaman."