Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Life Last Week in Links

Or, "Trying to make up for the un-excusable silence."

Monday – Kow Rehearsal. We do a lot of talking about the upcoming charity show and about the upcoming "Kow Year In Review", not a lot of rehearsing. Then we watch some Angel Season 5 (two more episodes left! It’s coming fast and furious now), and play a game of Gloom with ScottyBomb, which is a game where you have a house full of Edward Gorey-esque characters and you do terrible things to them and then kill them off. For fun!

Tuesday – A quiet dinner at home with The Peach. We have burritos and watch Jeeves & Wooster, Season Two. I deal better with the dissonance that comes from watching early-90s British Hugh Laurie and mid-00s "American" Hugh Laurie concurrently.

Wednesday – First night of Tai Chi class with Morgoid. I am a little nervous about this, seeing as how it's a) something new, which always makes me a little worried, and b) a form of physical activity, which is rarely one of my favourite things to do. However, about ten minutes into the class my fears completely disappear. Doing the Tai Chi moves is relaxing and soothing, and helps me decompress at the end of the day. I leave a little sore but really happy and looking forward to the next class. Then, Morgoid and I talk about comics for half an hour, including how good Dwayne McDuffie is on the Justice League (i.e., very good), how lame Penance is (i.e., so lame, but also so old news), and how awesome the New Warriors were in the 90s (i.e., Night Thrasher).

Thursday – Second choir rehearsal. Still a little leery about joining the choir, as it's run a little more haphazardly than I'd like (not being able to hear the director when he's ten feet away means you need to SHUT IT), but I'm getting along with the other Tenor IIs (all three of them), and am looking forward to performing with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at the end of the month at the John Williams 75th Birthday Concert. We're singing mostly from his current work (1997 and on), but I hold hold out hope that we will hear the Superman theme from the orchestra.

Friday – NinjaStolz and Fi come over for dinner. The Peach and I make jambalaya (I didn't put in any celery because she doesn't like it, but she admits it was lacking afterwards), cornbread muffins, and blueberry cobbler, which is all heartily eaten. Then, we sit around the living room talking pop culture. Well, he and I do; the ladies sit there and mostly look varying degrees of amused.

SaturdayNoSweat 2007. Astro's brother organized an anti-sweatshop fashion show with the proceeds going to support FUNARTE, a charity that works with children in Nicaragua. Kow is involved in a scene and have to sing a couple of songs, which is changed to three when it is discovered that the crew cannot completely strike and re-set the stage in 30 seconds. The rehearsal is a little scattered and takes much longer than we were originally told, but NinjaStan and I spend the time we're not standing motionless onstage hanging out: we read, play VS, and chat about various things. The show itself goes off splendidly, with beatboxers, fire jugglers, hackey-sacking, handsome people in pretty clothes, Filipino stick dancing, B-Boys, and of course, a Kowpella.

Sunday – NinjaStan and I accompany Jago and one of his co-workers to the k-os show at the Starlite room. The Starlite is HOT and the opening band, Kill the Lights, does not start until nearly 10:00, almost two hours after the doors open. They are pretty good, and although the female vocalist/keyboard dances like a goblin on LSD, I decide they are worth a second listen, because anyone who can rock out on two tambourines unironically gets points in my book. I go outside during the break and talk to Fernando, a gentleman we met inside, about what it was like going to bars and concerts when we were younger men. Then, it was back in to see the k-os rock show, which had a few hiccups but was ultimately a pretty good show. There were a couple of miscommunications between k-os and the rest of the band, and his freestyle rhymes were about 60% on (including three Oilers references and a dyad where he rhymed "salary" with "Calgary"), but it was great to see the way the band re-imagined the songs for a much more Rock & Roll based live show. Also: the guitarist in the band was AMAZING. The anchor of the show for sure.

So, that was my week. Anyone else do anything amazing?


Mrs. Loquacious said...

I did nothing amazing this week, but I did teach. Oh, and I booked my flight to Vancouver in Nov. (YAY!).

BTW, Doc Teeth, doesn't Tai Chi make you DEcompress, rather than compress? ;)

Andronika said...

I ate crickets.

I'm glad you're in Tai Chi!
Your energy will definitely increase. It's a pleasant side effect!

The Doc said...

Mrs. L, hooray for Vancouver! We're going for Thanksgiving, ourselves. And yes, I did mean decompress. I don't know WHY I typed that.

Jeans, I always wanted to eat crickets! Mmm. Maybe we can meet for them when I come out to Vancouver or something?

Fiona said...

Aww, I take offense! I was highly amused by the conversational topics of Friday night. NinjaStolz and I had a lovely time; we should do that more often. Fair enough, I'm not as involved in the discussions of comics and related matters, but I think it makes up for talking about my unacceptable obsession with The Geoff Show.

Maria said...

I did nothing exciting this week, but tonight I let the dork in me have free rein with the inaugural meeting of the Edmonton Harry Potter Club. Which I invented.

Also, inquiring minds want to know: What choir are you in???

The Doc said...

Fiona, I'm glad you were entertained, but I'm sure it was to varying degrees. And I know The Peach was zoning off at times. Good thing you two can deal with our ridiculousness.

Maria, it's just Oran. Nothing special. At least, not as special as your new club! I hope you have a Triwizard Tournament set up for the summer.