Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Music Day 2007

Hey everyone. If you're here on November 21, here's something I didn't remember until this morning: today is No Music Day. I talked about it a little last year, and will probably do the same later when I have more time, but in the interest of brevity, you can go to their website and see what they have to say, and then if you want you can see what I had to say, too. It's a challenge, but I think it's ultimately worth it.


Natalie said...

I failed this the moment I stepped outside my house and turned on the god old iPod. Then again, i didn't know it existed. Your post from last year was really interesting I can see exactly where you are coming from.

sideshow bob said...

Jeez...that'd be almost as enjoyable as "No Going To The Bathroom Day".