Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot Times, Summer In The City

It has been really hot the past few days. Yesterday I didn't mind so much as I was at Pigeon Lake, being hauled around in an inner tube behind a motorboat being piloted by a maniac, drinking cool beers, and sitting in the shade - not simultaneously, of course. But today was a scorcher. Even in my basement apartment, it was hot. In the afternoon it was over 30 degrees (Celcius, naturally), and I have felt sick and gross all day. I'm hoping it's better for Canada Day tomorrow, because if it's not I fear there will be great mayhem and mischief perpetrated by overheated muscleheads who've had too much alcohol.

Anyhow, tomorrow I should hopefully have cooled down and have Part 4 of the AFI saga up. And then I don't know WHAT I'll do for material.

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