Friday, August 29, 2008

All I Am Is All You're Not

My brother took off for London, Ontario yesterday. He got accepted at the University of Western Ontario to study for his Master's degree, and he jumped at the chance: partly to study, partly to get out of Edmonton. I saw him off at the airport; I had dropped The Peach off there an hour earlier, so I figured I would just stick around and say goodbye to him. My mom and his girlfriend were there too, and I didn't want to steal their time with him so I just gave him a hug and said I'd send him an e-mail some time soon.

I've broken down crying four times today whenever I think about it. I didn't see him very often while he was here, but at least I did see him sometimes. And it hurts to know I can't just call him up or bump into him randomly any more. I didn't realize it was going to hit me this bad. And with no Peach around, I have been distracting myself as best I can, with beer and comic books. But there's nothing sadder than a grown man sobbing with a can of Black Label in his hand while reading an old issue of Excalibur. Anyhow. I just had to vent.


Justice~! said...

I will have you over for Flight of the Conchords night very soon.

Sorry that this happened. Now I feel 5x as bad!

The Red-headed Dynamo said...

Onoes! I'm sorry Dev! I'm sure you're feeling better by now, but we MUST HANG OUT. MUST MUST MUST.

And there is something more pathetic than what you described. I'm just not sure what it is right now.

Natalie said...

It sucks when family moves away. I haven't had any in the same city as me for about 7 years now. I feel your pain. I'm excited because my sister just moved a mere 7 hours away.

sideshow bob said...

Black Label...that takes me back!