Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Occupational Hazard

My first official job as a Speech Pathologist has been going pretty well; I'm part of a good, supportive team and I really like the kids I'm working with. Most of my job involves planning and delivering treatment directly to the kids in the class, but every Wednesday I have meetings and check-ins with family members. Today I met a few mothers in a book-learning workshop that a colleague was running, and the conversation started running, as it invariably does, to their other children. I'm usually fine with this, as I think part of being a parent (particularly of a special needs child) is venting about their kids, so I nodded and smiled along with them, not having much to contribute myself, since The Peach and I have no kids. One of the mothers turned to me, and said, "What are your kids like?" That sometimes happens: people assume, since I'm at the end of my 20s, married, and involved with education and children's development, that I have kids of my own. So I tried to pull out a stumper for an answer.

"They're quiet," I said.


sideshow bob said...

Treasure them while you can!

Sylvana said...

Sometimes I wished I had imaginary kids. Well, when he was younger anyway. He's fine now.

Xeryfyn said...

(((HUG))) I have this feeling that children of yours will be anything but. However, since they will have the Peach as a mother, perhaps there is hope yet. ;)

Miss you