Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EA Sports Active: Come Along On With Me On My Sweaty Journey

As those of you who know me in real life know - and those of you who don't could probably guess - I am very overweight. Lately, though, I have been losing weight. A little at a time, generally a pound a week. Most of it has been due to my purchase and use of Wii Fit (and the update, Wii Fit Plus). That system had been useful for about half a year, but I eventually got a little disappointed with it, because as much fun as the Wii Fit (and Wii Fit Plus) are, they weren't exactly time-efficient. I generally spent 40 minutes doing 30 minutes worth of low-impact, low-intensity exercises, and while they were sometimes fun, I didn't really feel like I was doing my best.

I do not look anything like this guy. Except for the facts that I am white and am always sitting on a big blue ball.

So, in February, I got an EA Sports Active Kit, and started one of their 30 Day Challenges, which is a series of exercises designed to ease you into the "personal training" program and introduce you to the exercises. But about 12 exercises in, I began to tear the resistance band, and every time I exercised with it, I kept tearing it a little more. I couldn't keep going with the exercises, so I couldn’t complete my challenge.

...and then it took me a month before I got another resistance band from a medical supply store. Why so long? Because I am a lazy, LAZY procrastinator. But I started a new 30 Day Challenge today, and I have to tell you: it was a LOT rougher than I had thought it would be. I think it has a little bit to do with the fact that this band has a little more tensile strength than the one that came with the kit, but a lot more to do with the fact that I have been inactive lately. I’m starting again, though, and I hope I have enough motivation to get me through. I am also keeping my difficulty at “Easy,” at least for this go-around, because I want to make sure I go through every exercise, and don’t get tempted to skip a day. I can always try again on a harder difficulty in the future, right?

So. Thirty days. Twenty exercises. One man. Can it be done? We will see, my friends. We will see.

(Also: I am back from my Uncle's funeral service in Montreal. I will talk about that later.)

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Bookmonkey said...

I actually used EA sports active last summer (2 consequitive 30-day challenges) and found it really helped. For me the most helpful part was how I had to tell it what I was eating and what my non-EA exercises were each day.

Good luck with it!