Sunday, April 04, 2010


Earlier this week, I decided to set up a mini-project for myself. My wife is out of town, my family's Easter dinner happened on Friday, and I was going to have a lot of time on my hands. I also have a LOT of un-watched DVDs on my shelf (and in a box...). Putting all that together, I decided that I would try and watch an entire television DVD set in one day. Most shows are 22 episodes, and at 45 minutes an episode, that's about 18 hours. It would be tough, but I figured I could do it. I had a couple of ideas about where to start, but I was going to decide the day of.

Cut to today, where I got some upsetting news (more on that later), and I lost a good four hours from my day dealing with that. So I decided to go another angle: The Unit, Season 3. There's 11 episodes in that set (thanks to the Writer's Guild strike), so I can get through that without breaking a sweat. And then, when that's over, I will try to finish as many of the DVD sets that I have on the go as possible. Which, based on what I have, is going to be MAYBE 1. But at least I have beer and television to keep me occupied today. That's an okay to spend a lazy Sunday.

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