Thursday, July 22, 2004

And things worked out for the best.

Hung out with Reag last night, and god do I miss that girl. It's been SO long since we've seen each other. She showed up to practice today and said "Wow, your hair is so long!" This after I've lost about three or four inches of hair length. Yeah, that was a long time coming. (Have I mentioned, by the way, that I really dislike my haircut? I'm sure I'll like it in a few weeks when it's a little longer.) We also figured out that the last movie we went to see in the theaters was the X-Men. Yes, X-Men one. Over four years ago.

We went out with my friend Andrew, who she had a bit of a crush on, and my current girlfriend's friend Rob; all four of us were pretty big geeks, so were very excited. Well, Reag wasn't so excited. She didn't think much of Rob; he had long hair, a babyface, and was very theatrical. The first time she met him, she assumed he was gay, but was tolerant of him for the most part. Then at the movie theater, he walks up to the three of us, his hair cut short and nice, and wearing a very flattering shirt. We all talked for a bit, and he goes off with Andrew to get popcorn or seats or something. Reag turns to me and goes, "Holy shit. He looks good." I smile and wink, elbowing her in the shoulder (her ribs being much lower than I could comfortably elbow). "You never know," I said.

I'm going to be singing at their wedding on Saturday. I am SO happy for both of them, and I'm glad I have their friendship in my life. And maybe I'll be seeing more of them in the future; they're the kind of people I need to be around, and the kind of relationship Peach and I need to be around.

Best line of the night (and of course, I'm paraphrasing): "When I go to see movies with Rob, he always talks about the art direction and stuff; I'm not about that, I want to see the action. And the hot guys. I'm trying to get him talking about the girls, though. 'I thought she was kind of hot, Rob?' 'The set design was really appropriate for the time period.'"

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