Monday, July 12, 2004

I can't hear you! I'm in my geek igloo!

I went out and got some geeky things yesterday after the hailstorm; a few comics that I find myself in the habit of collecting, and two used Role-Playing game books. I don't know why I got those game books. No, scratch that: I do know why, it's to read them and play them eventually. I just don't know if eventually is going to come.

I'm a twenty-five year old man who still collects comics and plays RPGs. Now, back in the day, I figured this was something I was going to grow out of, like a jolly-jumper or a lip ring. This has stuck around. And I'm not one of those really sad guys who stands in the comic store asking the guys who is tougher, Superman or The Hulk; no, I save that conversation for my friends and they alone. I'm also not sedentary and stuck in the teenage years; I'm moving along in my life and career, ever so slowly, but it's still happening.

So I guess this is one of the things that keeps me creative and engaging in the fantastical. I build an structure out of comics and RPGs and other nerdly substances, like an igloo that keeps me insulated from the harsh winds of the real world. I live in both worlds, and while it might not be the best, it's the way I am.

Plus, you cannot tell me that the Hellboy RPG doesn't just beg to be played. You simply cannot. Or if you do, I can't hear you: sound travels poorly through the walls of my igloo.

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