Friday, July 09, 2004

Vote Britainnia!

The other day I was walking downtown and I saw an early 1980s-style pickup truck that was shoddily decorated. One of the more intelligible cardboard signs said "NO Bill Smith" [the current mayor of Edmonton] in black marker; there was also the name of an additional candidate that it was suggested I vote "YES" to, but sadly his or her name was obscured by a poorly placed bungee cord. There was another cardboard sign with a picture that was supposed to be a checkmark, but instead looked more like a large pipe (mais ce n'est pas un pipe!!).

The strangest thing, though, was the flag hanging from the truck's cab was the Union Jack. Apparently, this mystery candidate is big on making Edmonton a full member of the British Commonwealth, where he or she would govern the city with no-one to answer to but Tony Blair. For a second, I wondered if that would be so terribly bad.

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