Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Not thinking things through

I'm pretty sure my wallet was stolen recently. I mean, I don't have it, I'm sure about that; but I'm almost POSITIVE I had it on Thursday on the LRT, and I didn't have it Thursday night. So, yeah. That's upsetting. My entire life was in there; everything that proved to the world that I'm me. My SIN; my license; my birth certificate; my comic store membership; - all gone. It's heartbreaking.

However, in the midst of such coals of tragedy, diamonds can be found. For instance, when I called to report my lost/stolen card, the automated voice on the phone said, "For ease of service, please have your credit card handy, as well as any identification we may need to serve you better." And I screamed at the voice, "My wallet's missing, how the hell can I do that?" A moment of situation comedy, quickly inserted into my reality.

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