Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring (concert) fever

I went to the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus's 61st Annual Spring Concert on Sunday. I was a member of the UAMC for seven years, from 1997 to 2004, and for those of you who aren't math majors, yes, that is three years longer than I attended University. Gotta love loopholes.

A few people wondered if, after seven years, it would feel strange to sit in the audience and watch the whole thing from a different angle. But I enjoyed myself just fine, and never felt a twinge of regret for leaving when I did. When it was time to come onstage to sing the UAMC Cheer Song - as all alumni have done since the 2nd Annual Spring Concert - I rushed up to the stage, climbed up the risers, and stood right beside my youngest brother. But then when it was done, I made my way back down without wanting to linger; said congratulations to a few friends I hadn't seen in a while and didn't want to steal their spotlight. I was glad to have been a part of it, and glad to be done. Plus, I can appreciate Jamie's magnificent rear much better from the audience member's perspective.

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SarahJanet said...

It is rather magnificent, isn't it? Too bad it gets covered up by those damn tails.

I felt pretty much the same way - didn't miss choir at all. Knew it was right to have moved on. But man alive, I miss bells.