Saturday, September 30, 2006

Successfully combining nerdiness with school.

Whenever I go to see a patient at the hospital, I have to put on latex gloves so as to reduce the risk of spreading infection. It's not really to keep me from getting sick, because I'm (relatively) healthy, but more for the other immuno-suppressed patients. Most of the wards don't have large gloves readily available because most of the people running in and out of the rooms are 1/2 to 3/4 my size, so I always have to go and grab some from somewhere else. On the ENT ward, they have light blue rubber gloves. So, whenever my supervisor and I walk into someone's room, my brain automatically goes "Two by two, hands of blue." Every. Time.


Jago said...

Double post. Odd.

The Doc said...

Not any more it isn't. But thanks for the notice.

Gina Damberger said...

I always wanted to know more about those guys. Exactly how Psi-Corps / Psi-Cops were they? And now I'll never find out. Sigh.