Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Incredibly Late Answers Recieve A Deduction Of 10% Per Day

These answers to those questions are kicking my butt, but I have to try and get them out with the pressure that is practicum and NaNo (yes, I'm trying, don't ask why, I'm just dumb). I've got the first ones down, and will be adding to them through the next few days, in order of reciept. If the answers seem lame or inappropriate, I'm sorry, but I'm trying my best. The next time I get the urge to do a meme, I'm just going to go ahead and shoot myself in the hand and save myself some frustration.


1. The phrase “I don’t want to go” will be in my head as a random rotating stock utterance for the rest of my life.
2. I was originally going to challenge you to have a double date with Peach and I. But since we’ve already semi-arranged that…how about trying to read “And You Shall Know Our Velocity” in trade paperback and seeing if you like the new version better?
3. Black. Mostly because a lot of your t-shirts are black.
4. You've got a really good heart that people that take a shallow look don't often see.
5. My clearest memory of you is when I saw Jimmy Charisma host Improv for the first time. Stellar.
6. Porcupine. Gruff and bristly, but with a tender fleshy underbelly.
7. When you first were getting to know me, you didn’t much like me, did you? I mean, if you did, that’s great, but I think I totally rubbed you the wrong way.

1. I was blown away by your performance at the Fringe in 2006. You already know that, but I still think about it.
2. We two (and anyone else who cares to join us) must play Drunken Scene-It. You mentioned it once and I was immediately hooked on the idea.
3. Jade. I don't really know why, it's just the first thing that came to me.
4. You embrace your craziness in a way I’m not sure I could.
5. I don't really have a clear memory of you. Until we very recently became friends, you were always the cute cool redheaded friend of Stan's that I saw every so often. So I guess the clearest memory I have of you is trying to explain how to play Deadlands to you. Is that lame? That's lame, isn't it?
6. Domestic house cat that, every once in a while, goes batshit insane and claws the hell out of the curtains.
7. If you have any need for a singer with moderate acting skills in a play you wrote, would you deign to give me an audition?

1. When you came to see Greenwoods Singers in the winter of 2001, I was completely caught off guard by your leather pants and coat.
2. Organize another poker night in December so I can make it. (Just not December 15th.)
3. Steely grey, but not because of your name.
4. I like the fact that you are unabashedly proud of your geekiness and yet, at the same time, somehow give off an overall ‘cool’ vibe.
5. In UAMC, spouting off about Ric Flair (someone I knew absolutely no-one about at the time) and rubbing your PECS! Of STEEL! WOO! BANG!! That will never, EVER leave my brain.
6. A koala bear. A deadly koala bear.
7. When did you know that Mrs. Loquacious was the girl you wanted to marry?

1. (Thumps chest, whispering.) “What about these?”
2. Movie date, you and me, at your condo. I’ll make snacks and everything.
3. Orange. Vibrant and life-ey.
4. I like that you take a lot of crap without complaint, and then when you reach your limit, you don’t pull any punches.
5. It seems like a cop-out, but that night we went out walking and you totally failed to express your happy feelings about me.
6. Sea otter. Fun-loving, enthusiastic, and they can rest food on their chests.
7. Speaking as someone who’s going to be doing a lot of growing up in the next year: how scary was buying your condo?

1. “If winking is subtle, then blinking must be twice as subtle. Right?” (Second place is dancing to “Butterball”. “My fingers are so greasy!”)
2. You should try to read Sandman. Volume 1 is probably too super-heroey for you, so try Volume 2 (kind of spooky) or Volume 8 (kind of random).
3. Black. I think it’s because I remember you wearing a lot of black clothes. At some point.
4. I like your enthusiasm for board games. I will destroy you at the pirate game this year!
5. I vaguely remember meeting you for the first time, but my clearest memory is when I found out you were dating James and I couldn’t remember your name and called you “James’s girlfriend” for about a month.
6. A giraffe. Elegant, tall, skinny, and with a crazy tongue.
7. What’s the fascination with Teen Titans Go!? I don’t get it.

1. I was looking at my old tour pictures and saw a picture of you, and thought, “Hey, I wonder what Megan’s up to right now”, and then I saw you’d replied to this thread. The coincidence was startling.
2. You should e-mail me and let me know what’s going on with you so that I’m caught up. It’s been like YEARS since I’ve really had any kind of conversation with you that was more than “Hey, fancy seeing you here at a concert.”
3. Yellow. Don’t know why. Just is.
4. You’ve got a great smile. I would often smile in reflex, like yawning.
5. A boisterous Megan at the Pigless Roast that rivaled even me for boisterousness. That takes some serious boister.
6. A brown bear. Not as ferocious as a grizzly, not as docile as a panda. (And yes, I know they’re not really bears.)
7. I don’t have a lot of burning questions. So I’ll ask the one that’s most obvious to me: what made you comment here?

1. “Hey Allan, I’ve come over for the Oscar Party, and I brought beer to share!” “Uh, yeah…we don’t drink over here. You should hide that.” AWKWARD.
2. I challenge you to find me a wrestling DVD you think that I would like. I watch some of the indie ones you like, but they don’t really capture my interest. It’d be interesting to see what you’d come up with for me. (Of course, then I’d have to watch it with you, because watching that stuff by myself is ULTRA-boring.)
3. A deep blue; not navy but close to it.
4. I like that you have a different way of looking at things than I do. Gives me perspective.
5. My clearest memory of you is, sadly “LET’S ALL GO TO THE LOBBY!” I had met you before then, but that was what made me really remember you.
6. A turtle. Turtles have good surprised faces, and you have a great one.
7. Where did you come up with your love of all things dark and horrifying? You sure didn’t get it from your parents...

1. More random than bumping into you at the New Pornographers concert? I don’t think so.
2. Join me for coffee one day and tell me about school. It seems really interesting. (Wow, lots of these challenges involve me hanging out with pretty ladies. And I’m cool with that.)
3. Orange. Bright and cheery.
4. I like your enthusiasm. Almost every time I see you, you have a big grin.
5. Showing up at Improv that one night and knocking me on your ass with how talented you were.
6. A mink. You’re skinny and you move interestingly, plus you’re curious.
7. Hmm, can’t think of a good one here, so I’ll cop out. You’re coming to the Kabaret, right?

(Update #1, November 4.)

MENSA Supermodel
1. Remember the one time we went canoeing and I made you, Karen, and Rob sing “Shaft” to distract myself from my arms, which felt like they were on fire? Good times.
2. I honestly can’t think of anything for this one. Stick around, it might change.
3. Sky blue. Seems to me that fits an outdoorsy girl pretty well.
4. You’ve got a good heart and try to help everyone, even when you might not be able to.
5. Duct tape shirt.
6. Dolphin. Curious, inquisitive, intelligent, adventurous.
7. What drives you? I think I know the answer, but I want to be sure.

1. “Wow, Ryan’s so cool he could dress up like someone at a Ren Fair and still look good.”
2. You think you could arrange one of Riley Armstrong’s songs for a five-man a cappella group? Because I might know one that’s looking for new songs to sing.
3. Cold blue. Because you are a rock star, and that’s a rock star colour if I ever saw one.
4. Your enthusiasm for NAPW made me like it WAY more than I ever thought I would, and I’ve made a few friends in the process. So I have you to thank for that.
5. Running into you at the Chapters, when I didn’t know who you were but you knew who I was. “I’m the Prez!”
6. Kingfisher. Those birds have a rock and roll hairdo, and crazy alert eyes to boot.
7. Where do you get your incredibly diverse musical influences? Is there some kind of secret meeting I should be invited to?

(Update #2, November 5.)

1. “Brent’s moving in upstairs? For the three months that I’m in practicum? CURSE YOU, GODS!”
2. I don’t know you that well, so this might be a useless challenge, but: I challenge you to direct and co-star (with The WNE) in a 5-minute short film. Other people can write and act, but I think you and he have a crazy enough imagination and chemistry that it’d work.
3. Milk chocolate brown. I dunno why, you just seem like you should being a tunic in that colour.
4. I like that you pick goals and work to achieving them, as opposed to just dreaming about them. Something I need to work on myself.
5. My clearest memory of you is sitting around playing Munchkin with you, WNE, and Ron. That was a good game; if only I understood it at the time.
6. A bull. Determined and varyingly immovable/unstoppable
7. So, do you think I can RP with you at some point? From what I’ve heard, it’s a hoot and a half. And then a half again.

1. I remember the time we came in to visit you at work and ended up visiting more with your mom instead. That lady is CRAZY fun. But mostly crazy.
2. Take a day off and be lazy. Read, watch tv, play on the computer, go for aimless walks. No chores, no homework, no wage-earning. RELAX.
3. Blue. Don’t know why, though.
4. I like that you have such a crazy amount of energy. I think you use up too much sometimes, but I’m still surprised at how much you have to give, over and over.
5. “You’re locked out of your house? Sure, you can stay at my place! We can have a sleepover!”
6. A tree frog. Something about the look of it reminds me of you. (And before you say anything, I happen to think that tree frogs are adorable.)
7. If Peach and I hadn’t been dating when we first met, would you have made the first move?

(Update #3, November 18.)

Kristin Kawecki
1. I found out you and Mike were dating 6 or so months after you started, and I thought, “Oh, that’s a good match. Why didn’t I see that before?”
2. I challenge you to liveblog an Oilers game. I think you’d enjoy it, and it’d be an interesting writing exercise.
3. Baby blue.
4. I like your unwavering enthusiasm for the local sports team. Some people are bandwagoneers, but you’re true blue (and gold).
5. Sitting out with you at the merchandise table after you hurt your foot on tour.
6. Chimpanzee. The most memorable thing I have about you is your smile, and those are the animals that smile the best.
7. What was your scariest lifeguarding moment?

1. You get sick more often than anyone I know. I think you deserve a lifetime achievement award!
2. I challenge you to make a list of all the things you like about yourself.
3. Pale orange. Like an orange soda float.
4. I like that you’re honest with me. At least, I think you are. You could be lying. But then, I would like how sincere you are.
5. My clearest memory of you involves me pointing you out to someone who didn’t know who you were and you were wearing a grey sweatsuit.
6. A chickadee.
7. What’s the deal with Alias? I seriously don’t get it.

1. I think you should wear berets more often.
2. I challenge you to drink beer with me to celebrate the second anniversary of our 23rd and 24th Birthdays.
3. Blue that is so dark it looks like black until you shine light on it and see a deep blue reflection.
4. I like that we can talk excitedly about N.E.R.D. things.
5. Being terribly excited about the Matrix cutout in the living room.
6. A slightly domesticated cat. Quiet and intense, and friendly to a point.
7. What is the movie that you’re the most embarrassed to admit you like?

1. You are quite possibly the manliest guy I can call a friend. I think you should arm-wrestle Justice.
2. If you haven’t done so already, watch Arrested Development. I think you would like it.
3. Dark grey. Seems manly.
4. You’re a good guy to cheer me up when I’m down, as evidenced by the Hanson Brothers evening of awesomeness.
5. I would say Skittlebrau, but you already did, so I will say that week when I tried going to the gym with you and Laun. You guys made it bearable.
6. A water buffalo. More for its mellow personality than for its girth, obviously.
7. If you could pick any job in the world – and I mean literally, ANY job – what would you want to do?

1. You are so cool for co-hosting board games nights. That is awesometastic.
2. Make a 43 Things list. It would be interesting to see what kinds of things you want to do.
3. Blue. The colour of sky and (in children’s drawings) water seems fitting for a canoe gal.
4. I like how we can amicably disagree about things.
5. The three-hour write-in for the Clue Murder Mystery we had at your old apartment.
6. A hedgehog. Good-natured and friendly, if a little high-stressed. (At least, that’s what hedgehogs look like to me.)
7. So, what made me less scary?


Diego said...

First, you can pretty much officially drop the "D!". I have.

I don't know if it was a dislike as much as "Jesus, this guy gets intense over the wrong things." So either you've mellowed out considerably or I just stopped caring.

Anyways. Have we ever liked the same girl at the same time, Dev? 'Cause that would be juicy.

Justice~! said...

I don't know if it was a dislike as much as "Jesus, this guy gets intense over the wrong things."

I assume this is the whole Marvel vs. DC thing...they're both good companies guys!! Can't we all just get along?

allan said...

1. The beer thing. My fault for not telling you. Also, my mom saw it anyways. I'm not good at hiding anything. Never have been.

2. I didn't start watching the dark and horrifying until Grade 8, when I started with the Friday the 13th films. Then things progressed to Halloween. Then Nightmare on Elm Street. Now it takes some seriously disturbing Asian splatter horror to faze me. Can't really say how it "started". My parents never encouraged it, but they didn't stop me from watching either. They just ensured that I stayed firmly grounded in reality, so the stuff I watch doesn't seriously warp me.

3. As for a wrestling DVD that you might enjoy? I think I can find something. Not sure what just yet, but I accept your challenge.

Nezbitt said...

1. "Size 5!"
2. You're on! I love movie dates!
7. Not as scary as you might think... you'll be fine.

Jeans said...

Thanks for the answers! :) The improv one was the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time. Coffee sounds awesome. When's Kabaret?

Blue said...

1. *grimace* Yes.
2. I will. In, ummm... June. Yeah, that's it.
7. Almost definitely.

Jaimie said...

How do you know about Riley Armstrong? I'm curious.

The Doc said...

I know about Riley Armstrong because my friend Ryan told me about him. He is the good.