Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well Well.

Hey all. I'm back. Sorry it's been so long, but you know, with the getting married and the going on the honeymoon and the coming back and realizing you have a lot of boxes to unpack, things can get on top of you. But I thought I'd pop in and say yes, the wedding was good, even better than I'd possibly imagined, and the honeymoon was a crazy adventure full of Rocky Mountain goodness. I'll be talking a little more about it in detail (but not TOO much detail) on Thursday and catching up on all the blogging that's been going on in my absence. It's good to be back. Nice to see you all here. Hope things went well for you. They went super-awesome for me.


Andronika said...

It's good to have you back!
From what I read before about having board games at the wedding, it must have been AMAZING!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Welcome back, Doc! I trust you and Mrs. Doctor Teeth (I guess I can call her that now) had a very romantic time in the Rockies. The wedding was awesome, and I know we had a really good time; I'm glad you did too! ;)

The only thing about the mountains (if you were camping) is the bugs. We had a lot of fruit flies lurking around our Jasper campsite. It sucked.

Jago said...

Jeannie, even though board games were provided, nobody bit. The games that were brought were ignored, alas. I should have found out what was going on, though, since I had a lot of "Hey, Jago, you're the MC, what's this about board games?"

I grunted and told them to lay off as I polished down my yorkshire puddings.

The Doc said...

Jeans, yeah, it was really good, despite nobody taking up the boardgames offer. Most people were having too much fun dancing and talking anyhow.

Mrs. L., I'm glad you also had fun camping but am sorry to hear about the bugs! We only had a few mosquitos, which were easily dispursed with a few citronella candles and some OFF. I'm surprised we didn't run into you during the week. We ran into my family twice...

Jago, you should be happy to know that satisfying your craving for Yorkshires was a factor in having them at the reception. Not a huge factor, but a factor nonetheless.