Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blatant Self-Promotion: Apocalypse Kow at The Edmonton Fringe

I had internet problems today (something I'll try and explain tomorrow), so instead of the update I was planning I will instead engage in a little harmless self-promotion.

In their previous five appearances at The Edmonton Fringe Festival, Apocalypse Kow has done many things: a cappella music, improvisational comedy, promised and failed to deliver a completed cd, and of course, sang like nobody was listening and danced like nobody was watching. Sometimes literally. But this year, they promise to deliver even more chills, more thrills, more trills, and wrap the whole thing up in a Fringe-long storyline that is so secret that even some of the members don't know how it ends! So if you're in Edmonton during the Fringe Festival (August 16-August 26), stop by the grounds, have some green onion cakes, maybe a deep fried Mars bar, and go see a couple of plays. But make sure you leave room for some dessert, because Apocalypse Kow is the sweet treat that can't be beat. Also: still no cds!


Sunday, August 19 1:50pm (TransAlta)
Sunday, August 19 10:15pm (Journal)
Tuesday, August 21 8:05pm (Journal)
Wednesday, August 22 6:45pm (Journal)
Friday, August 24 9:00pm (TransAlta)
Saturday, August 25 6:00pm (TransAlta)
Sunday, August 26 2:20pm (TransAlta)
Sunday, August 26 6:05pm (Journal)

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