Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Goals To This Point

A little while ago I mentioned that I had pretty much abandoned my 101 in 1001 list but would try to rip through as many goals as I was able to before the expiry date. Well, November 19 is only 47 days away, and I've accomplished a small handful of my goals. Here's a brief review.

12. Get a picture with The Peach. Well I had originally envisioned just a random "Hey let's go get our portrait done and put it in Christmas cards!" or something like that. But, considering that there were engagement photos and wedding photos, I'm considering this one accomplished.

22. Take Peach camping again to show that I can, indeed, be a happy camper. Incredibly lame pun aside, the last time we went camping it was pretty bad. I drove 8 hours a day and therefore was tired and a little cranky. This year, though, we went camping on our honeymoon, and it was really good. Shorter driving time, lots of fun, and with the improved planning and a list of things to work on we will hopefully have better luck with our future camping trips. No stress = good times.

33. Get married. Complete, and happily so!

39. Finish Angel Season 5 with Ninja and Jago. Monday night, finished up the last two episodes, and they were actually pretty good. The last episode was simultaneously a thumbs-up to the viewers and a middle-fingers-up to The Network, which was a little harsh to watch but mostly good. I don't want to make this into a huge meta-series review, but I will do each series in six words.
Season 1: Getting its footing; uneven but promising.
Season 2: Fantastic television. The best season overall.
Season 3: Started great, limped across the finish.
Season 4: Sometimes painful to watch. Worst season.
Season 5: Regained its quality, cut too short.

41. Get a digital camera and learn how to use it well enough to make nice pictures. This one's half done; I have the camera, but there are so many bells and whistles that I need a little while longer to learn how to really use it all. Maybe my upcoming trip to Vancouver will help with that.

49. Do another one of the "Stay Up All Night Creativity Binges" before my metabolism completely implodes. I did this a few months ago, when The Peach was out of town so I wouldn't be annoying her with random stumbling around in the middle of the night. I re-read my abandoned NaNo project and added a few pages, I wrote a couple of essays, I read a lot. Not really sure if it really helped my creative output, but I did it and had fun with it. Maybe it's not too late for another.

64. (hedonism / debauchery). Completed. No more detail than that.

So, there we go. Now with 24 things accomplished, the list is nearly 1/4 complete! I'd like to gear up to get it to 1/3 done by the end, mostly because a lot of these are impossible to complete now. Nine more goals in 47 days. That's...doable.


Natalie said...

The fourth season of Angel certainly tried my patience as well. Thankfully season 5 was incredibly awesome and I was happy again. How excited am I that a season six comic is in the works? Very excited! If you haven't read any of Buffy Season 8 yet you should, it rules.

Nezbitt said...

You know... lots of stuff on my list is quite do-able... I just haven't done it yet...

Maybe I should get on that...

NS said...

Since you still have time, you should talk to Axler's gf regarding learning to take good pics with a digital camera.