Friday, October 05, 2007

Horn of...well, not Plenty. Horn of Something.

All right, people. The Peach and I are off to Vancouver for the Thanksgiving long weekend. I don't want to leave you all with nothing to do, though, so here's a little cornucopia of odds and ends to entertain you while I'm away.

If you're an American and are confused about why Thanksgiving is a month and a bit earlier in Canada, or if you would like to know more about Canadian Thanksgiving in general, I would like to direct you to an old Electric Mayhem Non-School Research classic.

If you would like to see an amazing performance of Frank Zappa doing "I Am The Slime" on Saturday Night Live - one of my favourite fun Zappa songs - here is where you could go to do that. (Thanks to icculus on the CGS forums for the link.)

For those who like things a little more superhero-y, Kevin Church has done the nearly unthinkable: combined photos of the campy 60s Batman with dialogue and captions from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. It made me cry a little. Go see.

And of course, there's always the Aquaman Song Contest, for 2 or 3 Geek Points. Go here and scroll to the bottom for a quick refresher on the rules.

So there you go, folks. Have a fun time, and keep the place clean. I want to come back here and find things exactly how I found them. Except for comments and song lyrics, you can leave plenty of those lying around.


Shannon said...

Happy Thanksgiving...a week late.

tomztoyz said...

Thanks for posting that link about combining 1966 TV Batman w/ TDK...too hilarious! My fav is the Batboat & Robin yells, "Peel!", classic!

If you're a real Batman Fan you should check out this blog.

sideshow bob said...

You know, I think that starting next year, I'm going to start celebrating both Thanksgivings. It's my favorite holiday, so why not do it twice a year?

And maybe I'll switch out Christmas for yet another Thanksgiving...why go into debt in the name of Jesus when you could just have an orgy of gluttony?