Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Some Leverage

There are a few things swirling around in my brain right now, but if I don't put something down now, and I mean right now, I probably won't write again for another few weeks. A busy, sometimes stressful job only compounds my procrastination.

First of all: happy 2009, ye few and mighty readers. Anyone get anything good over the holidays? Or have good New Year's stories? My holidays were SLOW AND RELAXING. Which was a blessed relief.

Secondly, anyone who is able to should be watching the TV show Leverage. It's a smart, funny series written & created by John Rogers, who I first discovered as the writer of Blue Beetle - one of my favourite comics series of the past couple years. (Link to his groupblog here.) The show is about a team of theives and crooks who get together to pull off crimes that screw over evildoers and help the little people who have been stepped on. Great cast, well-written, stylishly directed, and you get a great heist every week. Sadly, it also feels like just the kind of show to get cancelled before its time, or air for one season and then not get renewed. So I'm doing my part to spread the word. Leverage: it's a good thing.

Back later.


Anonymous said...

Doc! You're back!
Christmas with Family, and a nice quiet New Years at home with My Sweetie. Not much to report, but no complaints either.
Gonna have to look up that show....

Xeryfyn said...

Christmas was hectic, New Year's was quiet. It was a nice balance.

Kids are getting ever larger and job is chugging by.

Miss you like crazycakes and are thrilled you are "back"