Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Last Night A Mixtape Saved My Life

So you may be wondering to yourself, "I wonder what kind of music Devin likes to listen to when he's ignoring his blog?" Well, aside from Sloan, I mean. Wonder no further, friends. Because through the magic of the internet, I am going to make a mixtape...for YOU. (That's right, other people might listen to it. But that mixtape is yours alone, gentle reader.)

In the old days, back when cars had cassette decks and people knew who David Schwimmer was, I would make mixtapes all the time, because I was excited to share music with my friends. Mixtapes with collage covers made from my mom's old celebrity & decorating magazines and liner notes that were pages long. But as technology expanded the mixtape fell out of fashion, and I never really caught up to making mp3 playlists or anything like that. Until now!

I currently have 3 mixes on 8tracks, and I keep wanting to get inspiration for more. So I am seeking suggestions from YOU. The reading public. If you want to hear a sampling of my music library, have a suggestion for a theme mix, or just want to throw down a mixtape challenge, please leave me a comment telling me just what you're looking for and I will do my damnedest to put together a mix tailor-made just for you. If you're interested in the kind of thing I've come up with so far, you can play the mix below for a little sample. When I have enough I will probably put up an 8tracks "Mix of the Moment" in the left-hand side of the blog. (I am thinking about giving the entire site an overhaul, but I think actually getting up content would be a good idea first.)

So check out the site, leave me a message, and enjoy the music. I will talk to you...eventually.

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Anonymous said...

I used to make mixtapes all the time too! I'm actually getting back into it, because a couple of friends have foolishly consented to letting me burn them CDs. Kind of excited about it. :)